Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the list below of questions we often hear about the Malibu Film Society: its practices, policies and membership benefits. To see the answer to a question, click on the question text, and the answer will be displayed.

If you don't find your question in the list, please contact us through our "CONTACT US" page, using the menu at the top of the screen.


What is the Malibu Film Society?
MFS is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2009 by The Malibu Times, Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue and CommCinema to foster a stronger sense of community through the cultural touchstone of film.

What types of films does MFS show?
From comedies to dramas, feature length documentaries, foreign films and even animation, we show it all. During our annual “Awards Season Screening Series,” we show top contenders in every category. The rest of the year, we show critically acclaimed/overlooked films and noteworthy movies celebrating important anniversaries.

What is the screening season?
While our season generally runs from September through May, we occasionally have films during the summer as well.

How many films are typically screened during the season?
The number varies depending on the number of studio submissions during Awards Season, but for each of the past two years we have run upwards of 70-80 films per season.

Do I have to be a member to attend a MFS screening?
No – but while members of the public are welcome to attend some screenings, others are “members only.”

Are cameras allowed at the Q&A events?
We kindly request (and the studios occasionally insist) that you not bring cameras to our screenings.

Are all screenings free to attend?
No. While we do offer some events each year which are free and open to the public, most are paid admission (free to members of MFS).

Screening Locations

Where are the films shown?
Currently, our films are shown at the Regency Stadiem 8 Theater in Agoura Hills and the Bay Theater in Pacific Palisades. A new Malibu venue will be announced soon.

What type of facilities are the screening venues?
Our current venues are state of the art cinema theaters that feature luxury seating and food and beverage in-theater service.

Are there refreshments available at the screening locations?
Yes. Our screening venues offer a variety of food, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. All MFS screenings feature a free wine reception.

What is the parking availability?
Free parking is available at the Stadiem 8 Theater, validated (3 hours free) parking is available at the Bay Theater.


Is it necessary to make reservations to attend screenings?
No – but making reservations in advance guarantees your admission as we do have several sold out screenings each year. For non-members, advance reservations also save you $5 off the price at the door.

How do I make a reservation?
The only way to make reservations is to complete and submit your request (and payment, when required) on the Reservations page of this website. As an all-volunteer non-profit managing upwards of 8,000 reservations each year, we are simply not staffed to accept reservations by email or over the phone.

Once I have made a reservation, can I change or cancel it?
Yes. Just visit the Reservations page of this website and log in with your personal information to review, add, change or cancel your reservation at any time up until the day before the show (reservations can not be made, changed or canceled day-of-show).

How do I add additional guests to a reservation I made earlier?
Just visit the Reservations page of this website and log in with your personal information to review, add, change or cancel your reservation at any time up until the day before the show (reservations can not be made, changed or canceled day-of-show.

Do I need to bring my reservation confirmation email to the screening?
No. The same automated system which sends out your confirmation also adds your reservation record to our check-in list.

How far in advance of a screening can I make a reservation?
Members can make reservations as soon as each show is announced. Non-member reservations open one week before each show.

If I didnʻt make an online payment for a guest, can I pay at the door?
Yes, but only on a space-available basis. And unless you pay for that guest online, we cannot hold that seat as we do not accept unpaid reservations.

Is there a limit to the number of seats I can reserve?
It depends on the event, especially during Awards Season (when the studios providing us with their films dictate the admission policy). On some screenings, there’s no limit. On others, you may be limited to as few as 2-4 seats.


Who can be a member of MFS?
Membership is open to everyone.

How do I apply for a membership?
Just visit the Membership page of this website, or you can pay in person at any of our events.

What is the cost of a membership?
$250 per year for individuals, $450 per year for couples.

Are there discounts available for teachers and students?
While we do offer discounted tickets to faculty and students for individual screenings, our annual memberships are already so heavily discounted that we cannot drop the price even lower.

Besides the films that are shown, are there other benefits of membership?
In addition to free admission to upwards of 80 screenings per year, members also get:
o Free or discounted admission for your guests.
o Discounted admission to catered events (such as our “dinner & a movie” nights, Malibu Filmmaker Award presentations, and our annual Oscar night gala fundraiser.
o An exclusive “members only” window for making your reservations in advance, before tickets go on sale to the public.
o A free Netflix gift card valid for six months of unlimited streaming service (while supplies last).
o Exclusive “members only” screenings not open to the public.

When is the best time to apply for membership?
Today! It really doesn’t matter when you join because all memberships are valid for 12 months from date of activation. That way, you always get a full year’s worth of benefits.

Can members bring guests to screenings?
Most of the time, the answer is “yes.” But there are some screenings which are “members only.”


I understand that MFS is an all-volunteer organization. How do I volunteer?
Just email, sending your contact information along with a brief description of how you’d like to help.

What functions do volunteers perform?
Volunteers help staff and supply the concessions stand, sell memberships and sponsorships, solicit prizes for our silent auction and raffle along with direct donations, identify and pursue grant funding opportunities, assist with setup for special events, and connect us to studios, distributors, and film industry professionals to appear at our screenings. Volunteers also assist with the design and management of our website and social media outreach efforts.

Are there any requirements or skills required of volunteers?
We only have one requirement: when you volunteer to do something on behalf of MFS, the rest of us are counting on you to fulfill that promise.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?
Volunteers working the concession stand or who have arranged for a guest speaker are invited to attend that screening as our guest.


Who sponsors MFS?
MFS is sponsored by a wide range of businesses, non-profits, and private individuals.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?
By supporting the Malibu Film Society, our sponsors are vital partners in presenting citywide cultural events to many enthusiastic and diverse audiences. Association with MFS also provides your company with unique access to an artistically driven, valuable, and very hard-to-reach segment of the Malibu market. For more information, please visit the Sponsorship page of this website.

How do I become a sponsor?
Please visit the Sponsorship page of this website, or contact Scott Tallal at 310 589-0223 or via

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