Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films
Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films

MFS Q&A Interviews

Welcome to our collection of Q&A interview videos featuring informative conversations with producers, directors, actors and screenwriters  associated with the films screened by Malibu Film Society. 

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Q&A Interviews
Netflix Nominated Shorts Night
Q&A with executive producer Doug Blush & director Kartiki Gonsalves (THE ELEPHANT WHISPERERS) and co-director Debra McClutchy & producer Judith Mizrachy (THE MARTHA MITCHELL EFFECT)
February 16, 2023

Please join us for this 80-minute program featuring two of this year's nominees for Best Documentary Short:

THE ELEPHANT WHISPERERS, the true story of a couple in Southern India who fall in love with an orphaned elephant, working tirelessly to ensure his survival.

THE MARTHA MITCHELL EFFECT, an archival portrait of the unlikeliest of whistle- blowers: the Attorney General's wife gaslighted and kidnapped by her own husband and the rest of the Nixon Administration to keep her quiet.
Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio
Confirmed Q&A with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro!
February 10, 2023

This extraordinary retelling of the classic tale is a breathtaking achievement in stop-motion animation, as the wooden marionette is magically brought to life in order to mend the heart of a grieving woodcarver in this whimsical and technically dazzling musical that follows the mischievous and disobedient Pinocchio in his pursuit of a place in the world.
Q&A guest: director/co-screenwriter Lukas Dhont

Winner of this year's Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival!
January 14, 2023

BEFORE IT OPENS IN THEATERS! Belgium's official submission in the race for Best International feature is a story of an intense friendship between two 13-year-old boys which becomes the target of homophobic classmates, leading to a sudden tragedy which leaves one of the struggling to understand what happened.
Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths
Confirmed Q&A Guest: four-time Oscar-winning producer/director/screenwriter Alejandro Inarritu
January 14, 2023

Mexico's official entry shortlisted by the Academy for Best International Feature

This nostalgic comedy set against an epic journey chronicles the uncertainties of a renowned journalist and documentary filmmaker who returns to Mexico to face his identity, familial relationships, and the folly of his memories -- as well as the past and new reality of his country.
Q&A guests: co-screenwriters Ewa Piaskowska and Jerzy Skolimowski (who also produced and directed)
January 12, 2023

Shortlisted by the Academy, Poland's official entry in the race for Best International Feature follows the journey of a donkey who encounters people both good and bad, experiencing joy and pain along the way, exploring a vision of modern Europe as seen through his eyes.
Thirteen Lives
Q&A Guest: producer/director Ron Howard!
January 8, 2023

Based on real-life events, Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell and Tom Edgerton star in the harrowing story of the remarkable rescue of a group of young boys and their soccer coach trapped by flooding in a system of underground caves.
A Man Called Otto
Featuring a Q&A with director Marc Forster, actress Mariana Trevino, and screenwriter David Magee -- to be followed by a complimentary wine reception open to all guests.
January 7, 2023

BEFORE IT OPENS IN THEATERS! Based on Sweden's Oscar-nominated A MAN CALLED OVE, Tom Hanks stars as a grumpy widower who's given up on life and wants to end it all -- until he meets his match when quick-witted Marisol moves into the neighborhood, leading to a friendship that will turn his world around.
Free popcorn and soft drinks for all guests!
All in Favor
Q&A guests: director/screenwriter Santiago Requejo and producer Tono Escudero
January 3, 2023

At the end of his condo's board meeting, one of the landlords ignites a controversy when he tells everyone that he's finally signed a lease on his unit -- and then discloses information about his new renter.
Nominated for five Golden Globes, including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Actor (Comedy/Musical)! Q&A Guest: director/screenwriter Damien Chazelle!
December 18, 2022

BEFORE IT OPENS IN THEATERS! Just nominated for five Golden Globes including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress (Comedy/Musical)! Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt star in a tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess during an era of unbridled decadence in early Hollywood.
The Whale
Q&A Guest: Screenwriter Sam Hunter
December 17, 2022

Darren Aronofky's THE WHALE stars Brendan Fraser (just nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actor - Drama) as a reclusive English teacher attempting to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.
The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari
Q&A Guests: director Rory Kennedy and screenwriter Mark Bailey
Extremely limited seating: book yours today!
December 14, 2022

Rory Kennedy's latest documentary is a close examination of the 2019 eruption in which 22 lives were lost, viscerally recounting the day when ordinary people were called upon to do extraordinary things -- placing this tragic event within the larger context of nature, resilience, and the power of our shared humanity.

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